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Application deadline: January 04, 2024 (May 31, 2024 for MEng applications)
Current date: June 19, 2024, Wednesday
Acceptable Use Policy

By submitting data to and using the services of the Web-based Graduate Admissions system, you agree to the following:

You agree to read the corresponding Guides in the "Online Help" section of the system, before proceeding to use the system.

If you are an applicant seeking admission, you agree to be responsible for the correctness and accuracy of all the information you have provided in your application, and use every caution to ensure that such information that you will submit or have submitted in the system corresponds to its official sources, such as original transcripts available from the university. You agree to be responsible for the authenticity of the contact information of all your referees, and do not engage in activities leading to fraudulent evaluation results and/or the letters of reference from the referees.

You perform all the tasks in this system manually, and do not use automated services and software to use the services and links throughout this web site. You do not use any mechanisms or tools to circumvent security and access control protections to obtain unauthorized access to any data, information, documents or services in this system. You do not engage or participate in the use of automated robots to abuse the system of new account registration. You do not engage or participate in any Denial of Service attacks with the purpose of interfering with normal operations of the system.

The system keeps extensive logistics of normal activities, including your IP address. If you are found to have violated this Acceptable Use Policy, at any time, either in the process of making admission decisions or after the decisions are made, you will be deemed unacceptable to the University of Toronto, and actions will be taken to reject your application, withdraw the offer of admission that may have been sent to you, or expel you from the graduate program if you have already enrolled in such a program at the University of Toronto.

If you do not agree to this Acceptable Use Policy, you are advised not to proceed to use the system further.

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